Urban Minecraft Servers

by UrbanMC at 9:53 AM
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The UrbanMC staff team has decided to schedule some events over the next few weeks.
  • September 16 @ 7:30 Central: Server wide ender dragon fight (all participants recieve 100k)
  • September 23 @ 7:30 Central: Next player committee meeting
  • September 23 @ 8:00 Central: Server wide towny war, starting when the PC meeting finishes
  • September 30 @ 7:30 Central: Surprise event, details will be discussed at the player committee meeting.
Dates are subject to change, but we will make sure people get ample notice.
by UrbanMC at 12:13 PM
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Some changes will be coming to experience bottles very soon. As of today, all existing xp bottles and bank notes will stop working. The bottles are being converted to store raw experience instead of levels. Existing non-functional bottles may be exchanged with me for 11 experience per level. Bank note and new experience bottle functionality will return when the experience bottles are updated. Existing bottles will not work now or post-update. If you die, you will still lose all experience in your experience bar. We apologize for the inconvenience.

XP Bottles are back with the new mechanics. Throwing old bottles automatically gives you the appropriate trade-in value.
by Sparky___ at 10:29 PM
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The following is a list of known exploits and abuses. This is not and should not be considered a complete or exhaustive list of all exploits and abuses.
by UrbanMC at 12:17 PM
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As you all know, the server has been spontaneously crashing recently. In an attempt to figure out what the problem is, we will be disabling plugins individually to determine which plugin is causing the crashes. Please do not worry if a plugin is not working when you log in. We will try to limit the amount of time each plugin is disabled for. Sorry for the inconvenience.
by Sparky___ at 10:49 PM
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This week we are releasing a ranking system for all players. The following is a breakdown of the ranks, their requirements, their rewards, etc.

Important information:
-Access the Rank GUI by doing /rank in-game.
-Ranks reset each world to the specified rank.
-Donor ranks do not override playtime ranks.
-Playtime is based off of world playtime NOT server playtime.

UrbanMC Towny Ranks

1. Starter Rank
-Playtime Requirement: 0 hours
-Cost to Rank-up: N/A
-mcMMO Power Level Requirement: N/A
-Job Requirement: N/A

Kits Available: /kit armor, /kit tools, /kit food
Rewards: None
Pets Available: None
Trails Available: None
Block Particles Available: None
Tag Color: White (&f)

2. Novice Rank
-Playtime Requirement: 6 hours
-Cost to Rank-up: $10,000
-mcMMO Power Level Requirement: None
-Job Requirement: None