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    The server economy will be undergoing some significant changes. We are decreasing the profitability of jobs, creating a player shops warp to encourage player to player trading, and making some other small changes to the shop prices. This is in an attempt to make people more inclined to vote and to bring new players to the server.

    The following changes will be coming to the jobs plugin:
    1. Money from the farmer job will be decreased to 1/10th of what it currently is. (If you currently make $10, you will make $1 under the new system.)
    2. Money from all other jobs will be decreased to 1/5th of what it currently is. (If you currently make $10, you will make $2 under the new system.)
    3. The hunter job will pay you $1 at level 1 for killing endermen.
    4. The time it takes to get to max level will be increased for all jobs.
    5. The max job level will be increased to 100.
    We will be adding a /warp PlayerShops to encourage player-to-player trading:
    1. Plots will be available for purchase for $100,000 and taxed at $500/day
    2. You are only allowed one plot per player.
    Finally, donor items will be adjusted to balance this:
    1. The amount of money you receive from donating for money will be decreased by 1/3rd.
    2. The amount of money you receive from purchasing a rank will be decreased to $1 million, $2 million and $4 million for each of redstone, gold and diamond respectively. Existing donors will not be affected.
    Of course, the big question you’re probably asking is ‘why’. This change is taking effect for three main reasons.
    1. Rebalancing. Most people can agree that jobs in its current capacity is overpowered. This change will hopefully balance the gameplay for all players.
    2. Voting. We want to encourage voting and make it a more viable way of making money, and we want to make it easier for new players to find us.
    3. Player Shops. Without jobs, if you want to make a lot of money, we want to encourage you to trade with other players. This will largely be done through the PlayerShops warp, but can also be done through other means.
    We know this change will change how a lot of people play the game. It will take some time to adjust, but in the long run, we hope that this new system effectively balances gameplay for all players. I am happy to answer any questions regarding this change.
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    Rip my woodcutting job and tree farm combo money maker
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    I do not like this change. From my personal experience, farming is an easy way to make money, only if you are devoted enough to build a large farm, let it grow, and then harvest it and then repeat. I feel that this change will make it so people only get online only to claim their vpoints and then play for a short while and then log off. All because the amount of farming needed to make much money has been timed by about 10, and people do not want to devote this much time to doing quite possibly the most boring part of UrbanMC. So, I would like to see this go back to how it was. Or maybe just closer to how it use to be.
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