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    Some changes will be coming to experience bottles very soon. As of today, all existing xp bottles and bank notes will stop working. The bottles are being converted to store raw experience instead of levels. Existing non-functional bottles may be exchanged with me for 11 experience per level. Bank note and new experience bottle functionality will return when the experience bottles are updated. Existing bottles will not work now or post-update. If you die, you will still lose all experience in your experience bar. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    XP Bottles are back with the new mechanics. Throwing old bottles automatically gives you the appropriate trade-in value.
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  2. Tqtal

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    I agree with jib, 11 xp will not get you anything in the higher levels and people who have expbottles for amounts such as 300+ will get super frustrated because of the amount of time they spent getting that.
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  3. DFG1125

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    Yeah I wasted like 200 levels thinking the plugin was still in, neither myself nor anyone else who made the same mistake is receiving compensation for it.
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  4. Silverwolfg11

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    To back up jib with some statistics. I currently have 800 levels in a bottle. With the proposed conversion with 11 xp per level I would only get 60 levels. Jib with his 15000 levels would only get to level 209. That's a loss of 740 levels for me. And around 14791 levels for Jib. I agree with the fact that there should have been at least some kind of warning before doing this because the amount of time and effort to gain such levels is a part of life we never get back. I sure don't want all of that to suddenly go into waste.

    More Stats:
    (Formatted with the old plugin levels on the left side and then converted into the amount of levels you would receive with the new plugin [11 xp per level]. Please also keep in mind that the required experience for a level increases exponentially)

    50 Levels = 20 levels
    100 Levels = 27 levels
    500 Levels = 50 levels
    1000 Levels = 65 Levels
    5000 Levels = 127 levels
    15000 Levels = 209 Levels

    Using the equations found on this page
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  5. profbananaslug

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    if jib was actually using his levels then he probably wouldn't have ended up with 15000 levels in a bottle
    i did a little bit of math myself and i've concluded that literally no one needs 15000 levels. with 15000 levels, you could make 4,990 level 30 enchantments. said enchanted items would take around 93 double chests to store. you would also need 14,970 lapis, which is about 234 stacks. if you took only 5 seconds per enchantment, it would take you like seven straight hours of enchanting, which i guess isn't all that bad but is probably one of the longest times anyone's ever spent enchanting in minecraft.
    in any case, the fact that someone was able to amass 15000 levels is a testament to the over-poweredness of the old exp bottle plugin and to the fact that the rate at which people are gaining experience is vastly outpacing the rate at which they'd be able to use it and now we've got people whining about wanting the huge amounts of experience levels back that they weren't even ever going to use. i say that if the staff decides to compensate jib for all his precious lost levels, they should give him all 15000 levels at once and jail him in a room and make him enchant until he's actually used them all.
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  6. Sparky___

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    Almost nobody is arguing about the change. I've spoken with many players that agree that the old way was quite overpowered and indeed it was. The problem people have is that this was a sudden decision with no warning and that they are not getting a fair exchange for the levels they already have. Whether anyone has a 'reasonable' or not amount of experience is largely irrelevant. People are concerned about snap changes and things they view as a rip-off.
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  7. Warjason10

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  8. UrbanMC

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    XP Bottles are back with the new mechanics. Throwing old bottles automatically gives you the appropriate trade-in value.

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