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Players of UrbanMC,

During the month of April, the staff team will be hosting a month long build contest in which you have (nearly) a full month to prepare to present. The theme of the month is houses! From old to new, medieval to futuristic, from a small cottage to the grandest mansion, we want to see your houses. Fancy up the crib, enter it, and maybe you'll get lucky. This contest will take place in the towny world, so make sure to utilize all the resources you have! The staff team will judge the entries on Saturday, April 27 along with some server wide events to participate in.

Rules for the contest:

-You may enter a house you have previously built, or one you built during the month, but it must be entered by Friday, April 26 on this thread, including your in-game-name, and coordinates of the entry.

-You may build with a group, however the prize money goes to the player who submitted the entry.

-Every detail will be judged, including...
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This thread will be for all minor changes that affect the server. This thread will be constantly posted in and maintained by the Administrator team.
Any major changes will be posted in another thread and/or in the announcements channel on the server discord.
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Players of UrbanMC,

A new world reset has begun, which is the perfect time to get building! Similar to last month, the staff team will be hosting a month-long build competition on the towny server. Grab your resources, get your tools, and get building, because there's no creative to save you now! In honor of the new reset and the world becoming 1.13 compatible, we've decided to embrace the new water update. This month's theme is boats. Use the new, aesthetic water to your advantage with this one!

There's no cost to join, so build the best boat you can! Although it doesn't necessarily have to float, it's definitely recommended.
Entries are limited to one per person, group entries are allowed however the reward will go to the person who posts and presents their build on this thread. Please post a picture of your build along with coordinates of the build so the staff can find it on November 30.

The reward for this months's build competition...
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The next iteration of UrbanMC is finally upon us.

Please be patient as we work through the following known issues
  • Adoption and elevators aren't working.
  • Nether and End Portals aren't working. Please use /warp nether and /warp end as respective substitutes.

Notable Changes:
  • The worldborder is at +/- 16,000 in the overworld, +/- 2000 in the nether, and +/- 20,000 in the End.
  • Claiming is now enabled in the nether and the end.
  • The server shop selection will be much thinner this world.
  • Playershops at spawn will be increased in volume, decreased in price.
  • Some plugins were removed: RTP, ANTT, NAC, ImageOnMap, McMMO Horses, Bounties
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There are several changes coming to UrbanMC in the near future and I feel it would be beneficial to collect player input on these ideas.

What makes this committee special? Due to the nature of the aforementioned changes, the agenda is predetermined. We will not be entertaining discussion on other topics.

Here is the official agenda for this meeting:
- 1.13 update
- Slimefun
- Shop restrictions
- Possible reset

After this meeting, there will be a few official polls posted on discord in #announcements regarding some specifics discussed during the meeting.

The meeting will be on October 20, 2018 at 8:30 Central time.

Please feel free to ask any questions below.