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by UrbanMC at 11:33 PM
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Hello Everyone,

I'm working on some new marketing material for the server. I am in need of good quality pictures of some of your awesome towns. Any world, any style, any size. If town names/dates are available that would be nice but not required.

Please also include your favourite feature of this server, with some restrictions:
  • No donor perks
  • Must not refer to a specific player
  • Rules don't count
Thanks guys!
by Silverwolfg11 at 12:22 AM
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EDIT: Performance issues have been improved, but not fixed with 1.14.4. Please keep using these tips!

To start off, let me just say, this sucks. Most of you have probably, and unfortunately, become aware of the major lag spikes occurring on the server lately. The admin team has been hard at work at trying to delve into issue and resolve it. However, after deep diving into it, we have made note of a very common consistency among all of the lag reports that we generated. That single consistency is entity lag.

The issue with 1.14:
As you know, we tried to pretty quickly update to 1.14 with a large new map. One of the things we did not anticipate was severe performance issues with vanilla 1.14 servers. These 1.14 issues mainly focus around issues dealing with chunk loading/unloading as well as entity handling. A lot of complaints have arisen that 1.14 has significantly worse performance on production servers than 1.13. Many of these complaints come with...
by UrbanMC at 1:20 PM
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Hey Everyone. It's no secret that it's time for a reset. But this reset is going to be different.

The new world is a 1:1000 scaled map of earth. Ever wanted to recreate the British empire? How about uniting China? Modernizing Japan? Maybe you're more the type to start the American revolution, or destabilize the middle east. Now you can. We've also set up a map to allow you to see where you want to settle.

Now we're going a little further than that. We are using an item-based currency (gold) instead of dollars. 1 gold nugget in the new world is equivalent to $20 in the old world. 5 nuggets = 1 ingot, 5 ingots = 1 block (not 9, we have overridden crafting recipes for easier conversions). All prices have been adjusted across the server to reflect that. There is a physical shop on the North side of spawn. Playershops will be located to the South. You will be able to store your gold in your inventory, enderchests, or any other chest just as...
by Maxyne_ at 5:30 PM
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Happy May everyone! With the success of last month's build competition, we've decided to up the stakes for our next build competition. This month's theme is ARENAS! The winner of the competition this month will have their arena moved to spawn for all to say, plus extra monetary bonuses.

Winner (3 minimum entries)
-$500,000 in-game currency
-10 town blocks

Winner (minimum 6 entries)
-$1,000,000 in-game-currency
-15 town blocks

Runner-up (minimum 6 entries)
-$500,000 in-game-currency

Winner (minimum 9 entries)
-$1,500,000 in-game-currency
-20 town blocks

Runner-up (minimum 9 entries)
-$500,000 in-game-currency

Third place (minimum 9 entries)
-$250,000 in-game-currency

Remember to use your assets and come up with as creative of a theme as possible! If you can fight in it, and others can watch you battle it out, we love it. Work in teams, or alone, but whoever enters the build will receive the reward (you must contribute to the actual build).

The staff team cannot wait...
by Silverwolfg11 at 10:35 PM
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This thread will be for all minor changes that affect the server. This thread will be constantly posted in and maintained by the Administrator team.
Any major changes will be posted in another thread and/or in the announcements channel on the server discord.