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Please take note of the following player shop rule changes, and update or sell your shops accordingly. New rules take effect on Saturday, January 11th, 2020.
  1. Must have at least 5 open trades. Trades must be genuine and fair*.
  2. Portals may be present but do not count towards the 5 trades.
  3. Stay within the barrier block height limit and bedrock base limit.
  4. The plot owner must be online at least once every 15 days.
  5. One plot is allowed per player.
Taxes are now 10 gold and the purchase price is 5 000 gold. If you find that your shop no longer meets these requirements and won't by the 11th, you will make a 2 500 gold profit selling it.

We encourage players to share plots in order to maximize availability for as many players as possible.

* Genuine and Fair:
The idea here is we're trying to stop people from making absurd trades that nobody would take in order to meet the minimum requirements. As long as you're competitive with the spawn prices, you...
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I’m dreaming of a white Christmas~

Ho! Ho! Ho! and welcome to the start of the month-long town decorating contest! All players of UrbanMC are invited to participate in this contest, decorating their towns in the theme of a Winter Wonderland. Maybe it’s time to see a snowy desert, maybe some reindeer, or even a giant Santa who is stuck in a chimney top who knows! You all have an entire month (until January 11th 2020) to decorate your towns, bringing out the inner Jack Frost within you all! Now what are the rewards you ask? Well the rewards are as followed listed below:​

Winner (3 minimum entries)
- 1,000 Gold Blocks
- 10 Town blocks

Winner (6 minimum entries)
- 2,000 Gold Blocks
- 20 Town Blocks

Runner-Up (6 minimum entries)
- 1,000 Gold Blocks

Winner (9 minimum entries)
- 3,000 Gold Blocks
- 30 Town Blocks

Runner-Up (9 minimum entries)
- 1,000 Gold Blocks

Third Place (9 minimum entries)...​
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Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone has been enjoying their time on the server, specifically since the last reset. As most of you are aware, that last reset came with some major changes. The staff team is now looking for feedback in them..

We're starting to plan for future worlds of UrbanMC. Specifically, we're curious about how the changes implemented at the beginning of this world have been perceived. The relevant changes are listed in this thread: https://www.urbanmc.net:8080/threads/earth-to-urban.805/. We also encourage you to bring up any minor changes (https://www.urbanmc.net:8080/threads/minor-changes.744/page-2#post-6729) that you feel are pertinent.

Namely, we're asking about:
  • The earth map. Was it a good change? Would you want to play the same map again? An updated version may or may not be possible, does the availability or lack thereof affect your opinion?
  • The gold-based economy. Is it easy and intuitive? Or do you struggle to figure it...
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It's that time of year again! Let's celebrate spooky season and spooky day.

All rewards will be presented after each competition. The rewards will be based on the number of participants.

First up, a skin competition!

Design or find the best halloween-themed skin there is! Then just reply to google form with your name. All skins will be based on the skin of the player on November 1st.

Let's get to the fun on Halloween Day!

PVP Tournament:

The PVP Tournaments will start at 7 PM EST. This time is subject to change based on the following poll.

What PVP Tournaments will we be hosting? That's up to you guys to decide!

Build Tournament:

The Build Tournament will start at approximately 8:30 PM EST. This time is also subject to change.

Spook Night Jam:
Throughout the night, we'll be jamming music in the UrbanMC Discord! Tell us what songs you...
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Hello Everyone,

I'm working on some new marketing material for the server. I am in need of good quality pictures of some of your awesome towns. Any world, any style, any size. If town names/dates are available that would be nice but not required.

Please also include your favourite feature of this server, with some restrictions:
  • No donor perks
  • Must not refer to a specific player
  • Rules don't count
Thanks guys!