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by UrbanMC at 11:16 PM
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A few things need to be cleared up about Player Committee (PC) meetings.

The purpose of these meetings is to give the players a chance to share their thoughts on existing server features and suggest possible future implementations as well as voice any misgivings they may have about the server. People who would like to speak are asked to add themselves to the agenda on the appropriate thread, attend the meeting, and are then given the opportunity to fully develop their idea during the meeting. In order for a meeting to be successful, people on the agenda should be in attendance and ready to speak about their idea, and anyone wishing to discuss the agenda items should be present to further the discussion. This is the best opportunity players are given to express their thoughts uninterrupted and to their fullest extent. Players are encouraged to take advantage of this time to voice complaints rather than through other channels because it allows the issues to be properly addressed in...
by UrbanMC at 7:50 PM
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The server economy will be undergoing some significant changes. We are decreasing the profitability of jobs, creating a player shops warp to encourage player to player trading, and making some other small changes to the shop prices. This is in an attempt to make people more inclined to vote and to bring new players to the server.

The following changes will be coming to the jobs plugin:
  1. Money from the farmer job will be decreased to 1/10th of what it currently is. (If you currently make $10, you will make $1 under the new system.)
  2. Money from all other jobs will be decreased to 1/5th of what it currently is. (If you currently make $10, you will make $2 under the new system.)
  3. The hunter job will pay you $1 at level 1 for killing endermen.
  4. The time it takes to get to max level will be increased for all jobs.
  5. The max job level will be increased to 100.
We will be adding a /warp PlayerShops to encourage player-to-player trading:
  1. Plots will be...
by UrbanMC at 1:19 AM
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We have voted on a reset, and the server will be resetting in a few hours. Feel free to blow up your stuff with the remaining time before the reset. In addition, we will be removing playtime ranks to address the growing concern around a lack of new players. As such, the following changes will be made:

Some items will be returned to default rank:

  • Ability to make towns
  • ability to make auctions
  • ability to use /back
  • Ability to make SignShops
  • ability to use /xpbottle
  • ability to create pwarps
  • ability to use /eztime
  • ability to make nations
  • access to /adopt
  • Ability to buy elevators
  • access to /bounty

Other items will be returning to Gold Donor Rank:
  • /kittycannon
  • /me

Finally, some features have been seen as redundant and will be removed unless appealed at the next PC meeting (TBA). The staff team will make the final decision on all appeals. These items are:
  • Trails
  • Prefixes
  • Kits pvp...
by UrbanMC at 12:27 PM
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It's that time. By popular demand, we are asking whether or not people would like to see a reset. We are also open to discussing any changes that people want to be considered given the new world.
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I have a few Christmas announcements to make today.
  1. I am in need of a Christmas skin. My current skin is attached as a template.
  2. This weekend I am going to decorate spawn with a Christmas theme, ideas are welcome.
  3. On December 23rd, at 7 PM Central, we will be holding a Player Committee meeting.
  4. On December 23rd, at 8 PM Central, we will be holding a Christmas themed building competition.
  5. Starting this weekend, we will be phasing out the minigames and MCInfected servers.
  6. Lastly, in light of recent staff changes, we are requesting that qualified candidates apply in the appropriate forum. Please do not apply more than once.