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by Elian at 8:37 PM
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We have updated our Towny server to 1.11! Currently, our only broken plugin is Jobs. We hope that an update for Jobs will come soon. If you have any bugs to report of 1.11 please contact staff, or ideally, respond to this thread with a detailed explanation of the situation.

Thank you for your cooperation and welcome to 1.11!

Update - Jobs has been updated! Lockette has also been updated so that newly placed signs don't look funky, but you have to replace your old ones to look normal.

-- Lockette has now been updated to fix any weird signs. Replacing is unnecessary.
by Elian at 1:22 PM
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Hey guys! I'm sure you're aware of the upcoming 1.11 release of the game. It has come to the attention of the staff that it is time we expand the world border. While we all agreed it should be expanded, we could not decide on a size, so we would like to hear your opinions. For reference, the current world border is 15 thousand blocks in every direction. The options we have decided are 20, 25, and 30 thousand blocks in every direction. Please note that increasing it to 20 does not add 20 thousand blocks, it is much more massive. Please also take into account, before choosing 30 (since it is the highest), that a bigger world border means a lot of space for towns to be spread out. Because of this, it may be impossible to find some. So please take some time to consider what you think is best, and make sure to tell your friends to vote! Thank you for reading.
by UrbanMC at 2:09 PM
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Some new items have been added to the donation store!
  • 1 hour 2x McMMO boost for all players for US$5
  • Townblocks at $2 for 10, $10 for 50, $20 for 100, $50 for 250 and $100 for 500
  • Ban Appeal has returned for US$20
Any feedback on the new items is welcome.
by Elian at 10:33 AM
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Welcome to our new website. We would like to know what you think of it compared to our old website. Please post your answer in the poll and leave any feedback or suggestions in the comments.
by UrbanMC at 2:41 PM
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As you may have noticed, the website looks different now. We have switched our forum software so you may have to get used to some new changes.

The old website can still be accessed by going to http://urbanmcs.enjin.com/ but you will not be able to make new threads or donate there. Existing reports will be resolved by staff but after that, the staff will no longer check that site. All forum & website activity will now be done through this new website instead.

We hope you enjoy the new website!