Towny War

How Towny War Works

During war, all nations that are not Neutral fight each other for a grand prize that varies depending on the amount of players fighting. Towns that are not in a nation can not be attacked. However, PVP is enabled everywhere except spawn, regardless of neutrality. The goal is to earn as many points as possible. You earn points by capping towns and killing people. The top 3 nations with the most points will receive the money for winning. There will also be a top town which will also win money. The winning money will be put in the nation's bank and for the top town, in the town bank. The nation leaders can then decide how to split the money.

Capping Townblocks

In order to cap a townblock, you must stand on it for long enough for all of its HP to deplete. Normal townblocks have 60 HP while homeblocks have 120. Once it reaches 0, your town will earn points for capping it. You will not be able to grief anything that you couldn't normally. If your town is capped, you still get to keep it, but you won't win any money from war.


  • Kill a player: 1 point
  • kill a mayor: 10 points
  • Kill a nation leader: 100 points
  • Cap a town block: 1 point
  • Cap a homeblock: 10 points
  • Cap a nation capital's homeblock: 100 points


  • No /god allowed in war
  • No flying away while attacking or being attacked
  • Always have good sportsmanship. War is just a game for fun, don't ruin it
  • All server rules apply, do not break any