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Should _CC_ Be Considered for Staff?

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  1. _CC_

    _CC_ ‌‌ 

    Requirements for applying:
    ":D" Indicates The Requirement has Been Met.
    • Must have 150 hours of playtime (do /playtime to check your hours) :D
    • Must actively play on the server and engage with other users.:D
    • Must regularly and in a nice way, inform players if they are breaking the rules.:D
    • Must be familiar with the server staff and regular players.:D
    • Must be familiar and have used the website.:D
    • You must (MUST!) be a good communicator/problem solver/team worker.:D



    Why should we make you mod?

    I ran a server almost exactly like this for about 4 years starting back in 2011. Because of this, I am extremely familiar with the plugins, and how the game is designed to be played on this type of server. This server has a well-running economy and player base which are both essential to the continued growth of the server. Proof of this success can be seen as of recently when we are averaging over 30 players during peak times, as well as seeing many new players joining daily. This comes with many positives but also some negatives that need to be handled by staff members. Not that the current staff isn't doing their jobs, but it is hard to handle that many people at all times of the day. To be entirely honest, I wanted to avoid becoming staff as it is not fun. It comes with responsibilities and very few perks. That being said, I think adding another staff member is a necessity at this time and I can't think of anyone that could help out any more than myself. To add to this, I tend to play at times when there is generally not staff on, such as very late at night because of my work/school schedule. I play at peak times during the weekends however so I am still available to help during the most needed times.

    Why do you want to become mod?

    Since I've joined the server, I've thoroughly enjoyed my time as the server offers a well-designed experience and has a great community backing it. I've also met some amazing people and had some very fun experiences with them! I want to share this experience with everyone that joins and help them learn how to do that!

    What qualities do you have that you think are important for mods?

    The number one quality I think a mod should have is the ability to problem-solve. Some other notable ones are the knowledge necessary to help players, being active on the server and within the community, and simply the ability to create a positive atmosphere on the server.

    What server do you want to be moderator on? (Towny or Minigames)


    Any other things that could influence our decision.

    Id just like to summarize the main qualities I bring to the table:
    • Prior experience owning an almost identical server
    • Work as a programmer and can easily help with any plugin issues/setup as well as any other issues as far as the backend of the server goes
    • Ive shown that I am a positive influence on the server and the community & remain active
    • Mature & able to problem solve in any situation
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  2. OcelotPrincess

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  3. AshyNice

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    CC is a great player and by all accounts would be an excellent mod! :D
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  4. Sonic_CG

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    Good luck!
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  5. profbananaslug

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    almost certainly a neo-chestist agent who childishly claimed an outpost over the East Asian Rapid Transit Authority iceway near my town and put a bunch of chests next to it so i must disapprove

    when is piggang's mod app

    _CC_ removed the chests from the iceway so i am rescinding my disapproval

    also piggang told me he is not gonna apply
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  6. UrbanMC

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    Congratulations, your application has been accepted.
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  7. Sonic_CG

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    Congratulations CC!
  8. OcelotPrincess

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  9. mpzflame

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  10. _CC_

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    Thanks guys <3
  11. OpalComet

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    Congrats! <3
  12. _CC_

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