A Brave New World

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    The next iteration of UrbanMC is finally upon us.

    Please be patient as we work through the following known issues
    • Adoption and elevators aren't working.
    • Nether and End Portals aren't working. Please use /warp nether and /warp end as respective substitutes.

    Notable Changes:
    • The worldborder is at +/- 16,000 in the overworld, +/- 2000 in the nether, and +/- 20,000 in the End.
    • Claiming is now enabled in the nether and the end.
    • The server shop selection will be much thinner this world.
    • Playershops at spawn will be increased in volume, decreased in price.
    • Some plugins were removed: RTP, ANTT, NAC, ImageOnMap, McMMO Horses, Bounties
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    Why was ImageOnMap removed?
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