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    What is a global event which is broadcasted all over the world, bringing thousands of competitors every four years with countries cheering on their competitors as they race to victory? Is it the World Cup? Is it the Asia Games? Is it the Commonwealth Game? Nope, it is the Olympics!

    Welcome to the 2020 UrbanMC Olympics, an event aimed at uniting the server in a series of sporting events in celebration of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. The UrbanMC Olympics will be held throughout the month of March, allowing everyone to have the opportunity to participate in at least one event.

    Individual towns will be allowed to enter the Olympics, representing their nations as they challenge each other to bring home the Gold, Silver and Bronze. Every nation will be allowed to enter 4 towns PER EVENT to ensure there is a chance for every nation/town to bring home a medal. Are you a part of a town who is not part of a nation? Do not fear! You will be instead representing your own town instead of a nation, so make sure to prepare for the competition!

    In celebration of the international aspect of the Olympics, events will be held within 10 different towns of the map showcasing how we all have grown within the last 6 months of this world. Locations will be shown in sneak previews as the month of March approaches.

    Now onto the interesting part, the sporting events. There will be a total of 10 events occurring during the UrbanMC Olympics. They are:

    • Building
    • Fencing
    • Boxing
    • Bob Sleigh
    • Trampoline
    • Gymnastics
    • Track
    • Archery
    • Rock Climbing
    • Polo

    These events will vary from individual events to tag team events, where you and your fellow town members must work together as a team to get one of the medals! The event explanations and rules will be announced as March approaches. So remember to start coming up with your nation/town cheers and working on all your skills to showcase how much you all have grown as players on the server. There will be spectator areas for all events when they are being held!
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    good thanks it's not the Asia games they are usually hosted in china...
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    Event Arena:

    Yes, this is a game where you all bounce to your heart's desires in a free-for-all. Our first event of the Olympics will be of course, Trampoline, taking place in the town of Corsica. All participants will be given jump boost to allow them to keep their momentum while on the slime blocks. The goal of the game is to eliminate all your competitors and become the last man standing. Each competitor will be given infinity bows and plain diamond swords to assist them in eliminating their competitors. There are however a few rules in this game:

    1. No using any commands whatsoever

    2. If you somehow manage to exit the arena, please inform a staff member ASAP so we can put you back in otherwise you will be disqualified

    3. Any exploits used to cheat the game will cause for immediate disqualification

    Remember to have fun and may the best town/nation win!
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    We've all already won with that view of Corsica from the trampoline arena.
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    Event Arena:

    En-garde! Yes welcome to event two of the UrbanMC Olympics, hosted by the town of Madagascar. The fencing event will be taking place in the old ruined PvP arena in Madagascar and it will be a standard 1 v 1 PvP competition. Competitors will be given the standard PvP armor set: Protection IV diamond armor, Sharpness V, Unbreaking III, Fire Aspect II, diamond sword, and a God bow with all bow enchants but mending. Competitors will also be given PvP potion in order to assist them in their battles. The goal of the game is to become the victor of the competition by defeating all of your competitors. Like every event, there are a few rules:

    1. No using any commands whatsoever
    2. Any competitors found using any exploits to cheat will immediately be disqualified
    3. Any spectators who assist the competitors will cause that competitor to be disqualified, as well as the spectator themselves to be banned from watching the event occur

    And most important rule of all, remember to have fun! En-garde! pret! allez!

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    They hosted the Olympics in Moscow once...

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