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    Players of UrbanMC,

    During the month of April, the staff team will be hosting a month long build contest in which you have (nearly) a full month to prepare to present. The theme of the month is houses! From old to new, medieval to futuristic, from a small cottage to the grandest mansion, we want to see your houses. Fancy up the crib, enter it, and maybe you'll get lucky. This contest will take place in the towny world, so make sure to utilize all the resources you have! The staff team will judge the entries on Saturday, April 27 along with some server wide events to participate in.

    Rules for the contest:

    -You may enter a house you have previously built, or one you built during the month, but it must be entered by Friday, April 26 on this thread, including your in-game-name, and coordinates of the entry.

    -You may build with a group, however the prize money goes to the player who submitted the entry.

    -Every detail will be judged, including interior, exterior, and even landscaping and location.

    The winner of the competition will receive:

    Minimum of 3 entries:
    $500,000 in game currency, warp to location, 10 town blocks

    Minimum of 6 entries:
    $1,000,000 in game currency, warp to location, 20 town blocks

    Best of luck to everyone entering the competition! May the best builder win.
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