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  1. UrbanMC

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    I have a few Christmas announcements to make today.
    1. I am in need of a Christmas skin. My current skin is attached as a template.
    2. This weekend I am going to decorate spawn with a Christmas theme, ideas are welcome.
    3. On December 23rd, at 7 PM Central, we will be holding a Player Committee meeting.
    4. On December 23rd, at 8 PM Central, we will be holding a Christmas themed building competition.
    5. Starting this weekend, we will be phasing out the minigames and MCInfected servers.
    6. Lastly, in light of recent staff changes, we are requesting that qualified candidates apply in the appropriate forum. Please do not apply more than once.

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  2. Tqtal

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    So since i applied and got denied before this went up i think i can re-apply, Correct?
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  3. KakashiPvPz

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    I'll apply, but I only because you asked and need staff members and I want to help the community. :)

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