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    Large plots are now available on the creative server at /warp Creative. They are 128 blocks squared and cost 50 vote points. You do not have access to any by default, but if you're looking to get started without waiting to collect 50 vote points, the donation store listings have been updated.

    In addition to the 4 regular plots to start with:
    • Redstone Rank now gets 8 total regular plots and 1 large plot
    • Gold Rank now gets 12 total regular plots and 2 large plots
    • Diamond Rank now gets 16 total regular plots and 3 large plots
    The donation store now also includes the ability to buy 4 regular plots for US$2 or one large plot for US$5. For more plots, the quantities of both items can be changed in the cart.

    Finally, we are experimenting with a different plugin for WorldEdit; hopefully, it will allow users to do more in one operation than previously possible. Please be patient with any issues that arise.
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