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    UPDATE: The new donation store is now in place. Please be patient as we work through issues as they arise. Thank you.

    As many of you may have noticed, the donation store is down. We are working on transitioning between providers. Until it is available again, those wishing to donate can pay through this link. Message me your desired item and I will manually grant it to you.

    An excellent description of each donator rank is available here although it is outdated so feel free to double check with a staff member.

    The following monetary purchases will be offered:
    $500k for US$1.50
    $2.5 Million for US$5.00
    $5 Million for US$10
    $25 Million for US$50

    Unfortunately, as I am doing all of this manually it may take some time for your purchase to go through. Please be patient with me and understand that I will make sure you get what you pay for. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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