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Do You Think E04K Should Be Made A Moderator?

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  1. Yes, I Think He'd Be A Great Mod!

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  2. I Don't Know If He'd Be The Best Mod, But He's Better Than Nothing

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  3. I Am Ambivalent/Unsure

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  4. I Think E04K Would Be A Good Mod, But I Like To Joke Around About Not Liking Him And I Maintain That

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  5. I Have Issues With The Staff In General So I Instantly Dislike Any Staff Related Post Or Comment

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  6. I Think E04K Is Not The Right Candidate For Moderator At This Point In Time

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  1. E04K

    E04K Member

    This is a post I've been considering making for a long time, but with the recent decrease in moderators, I think that now is the right time for me to apply, so I hope you will give this application serious thought.
    Requirements for applying:
    I was gonna list them all individually and do a check mark next to all the ones I had met (which is all of them), but I figured the character limit for this post would be better spent on my actual application, so all I'm going to say is that I do indeed meet all the requirements for applying.
    Age: 25
    Why should we make you mod?
    Ever since I got established on the server, I devoted myself and my town to helping new players get accustomed to the unfamiliar world of UrbanMC. I try to always welcome new members, and answer any and all of their questions, and often offer them a temporary safe refuge in my town if they need or wish it. In addition, I do my best to participate in server events, and just in the general goings on of the server as much as I can, and push myself to get to know all the members of the server, and try to become an active member of the server community. As a mod, I would do my best to encourage staff-community relations, and push for improvements that satisfy both the staff and the community. Already, I am a frequent user of the #suggestions and #discussions channels of the server discord, and I often try to gauge the thoughts of both the staff and community in any suggestions I make. As someone who has had experiences with rule breakers and trouble makers, and has also seen people wrongfully accused, I would also do my best to make sure that any rule breakers are dealt with, while the innocent are recognized as such. And quite frankly, I believe that on a server that has a few hundred active members (the exact number is hard to gauge), the current 2 moderators we have just isn't enough. I fully understand that the admins want the moderators to be the most qualified, most enthusiastic people on the server, and I think I am qualified for the role, and I do think that the staff needs to look into expanding itself, regardless of whether or not I am accepted as a moderator, to help ensure the most positive playing experience for all as possible.
    Why do you want to become mod?
    Ever since I joined the server, the moderators on this server impressed me. On no other server have I ever seen a staff that is so constantly critiqued and accused of negligence, and to this day it still surprises me sometimes. I want to become a mod because I do believe that the current staff isn't perfect, and while nobody is, I think that I would be able to bring about improvements to the server that could bring about meaningful, lasting change, both for the server itself, and for the community. I want to push the staff to become everything it could be, because I do truly think that the staff is made up of some great people, but I think that someone such as myself could bring a new perspective to the way they operate, and hopefully improve the staff as a whole.
    What qualities do you have that you think are important for mods?
    Like I said in my previous sections, I push myself to interact with and help out with new players, something that is key for a moderator. I also do try my best to encourage those not sticking to the letter of the law to maybe rethink their ways (without any mini-modding tho). I also try to make suggestions and am constantly seeking to improve the server, a key quality for a mod in my opinion, but I am still willing to accept and listen to other people's beliefs.
    What server do you want to be moderator on?
    Towny, although I'm happy to help moderate on the Test and Creative server's in addition if needed.
    Any other things that could influence our decision.
    Like I've said previously, my main goal in becoming a member of the staff is to help improve the staff, and to provide a fresh perspective. Unlike many members of the server, I don't have anything against the moderators, and in fact have a lot of respect for many of the decisions and things they've done for the server. That being said, I don't think the staff here is all that it could be, and I think that I would be able to provide a fresh new perspective that would hopefully help the staff reach its full potential. As someone who is newer to the server than any of the other mods, and hadn't played on any of the previous worlds that this server has done, I think I have a different perspective on how the server could and should work, and I think that I would be able to bring my fresh perspective to the table and help improve the staff.
    I hope that you take the time to give my application serious thought, and thank you all for taking the time to read this
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  2. E04K

    E04K Member

    Oh, and I forgot to mention this in my original post, but one of the main things I want to push forward is the "quest line" thing Urban proposed back in January, that never seemed to go anywhere. I think that'd be a great way to bring the community together and generally be something good for the server
  3. _CC_

    _CC_ ‌‌ 

    Thanks for applying E04K! Good luck and we will let you know when we have finished reviewing and discussing your application :)
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  4. Heauxs

    Heauxs ‌‌ 

    good luck my guy
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  5. E04K

    E04K Member

    Thank you!
  6. NightaChan

    NightaChan ‌‌ 

    Thank you for applying. However, your staff application has been denied.
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  7. E04K

    E04K Member

    better luck next time i guess
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