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    Why do I want to become mod?
    It seems like when I first joined the server, a lot of people have asked me not once, but multiple occasions to become a mod. Of course, immediately, I wasn't able to because I did not have enough hours. I would say around 3 months later, I've gained twice the amount of minimum hours that is required for a staff position on the server, which is quite notable in this decision, I feel. I have dedicated quite a lot of time in the server due to my interest in it as there always seems to be something new happening that perks my interest. In addition, I have grown to like helping others when they need help on the server. I'm not sure if its due to the fact that I have been associated with towns that help out, the fact that it helps make the playing environment extremely positive, or that I genuinely enjoy doing it. I feel overall, I can be an asset to the team on UrbanMC by helping it improve holistically, but also helping other staff members and their hard work becoming lighter off their shoulders, and also helping the community.

    What qualities do I possess that are important for mods?
    I think a high quality moderator should build down to 5 different aspects: a high activity level, neutrality in conflict, good conflict resolution skills, team building skills, and a good understanding of the server and its dynamics.
    How do I specifically possess good activity on the server? Well, I sort of mentioned this before when I discussed how in such a short period of time I wracked up a lot of hours. I think it's important a moderator is active because it shows their dedication to their role. In addition, it helps the server run smoothly as it should. Otherwise... What's the point of a moderator?
    How do I specifically possess neutrality in conflict? Well I wouldn't necessarily point to current towny politics, but I've been trying to remain as neutral as possible. Even outside of that, I've always been someone who goes to another individual to help work out conflicts I may have with them, or to take actions to reduce all conflicts as much as possible. This can either be related to interpersonal conflicts, or helping with conflicts between two individuals. An example of this on the server can be when I helped Trickierfiend25 with his issue on his jailing.
    How do I possess good conflict resolution skills? Well first off, it's my major in college, ha. I've had a lot of training and classes on how to do conflict management and resolve conflicts. Plus, that's literally the field I will be going into once I graduate. An example of this on the server could be when I had an issue with Darknismage. I tried to keep the conflict between only him and I, and eventually we worked it out to the point where we're really good friends now due to our new and learned ways of communication with each other.
    How to I possess team-building skills? I'll admit I'm not the most active nation member as I mainly focus on building things than politics, however, when there is an issue between two individuals, I can usually help give them different perspectives to work as a group together. Or, I may say, if we are to focus on a team-efforted thing, who has strengths in what areas and how to utilize them properly so everyone may shine in sync with each other, all exhibiting their own skills. I tend to work well with others, too, and an example of this could be the various towns I've built, different things I've helped build others, or building projects I've worked on with others, too.
    How do I possess understanding of the server? Well, activity plays a huge role into this, however I'm not going to focus on that due to how repetitive it can get. I think I can demonstrate the fact that I have a good understanding of the server is the way I help people. Often when others need help about the server or different commands in the server, or where to see things, or information about the dynmap, I will always help them with their issue (unless someone else gets to it first, which can happen). In addition, I will often ask staff about different things. This can include different commands, aspects of the server with general questions, or even sometimes coding glitches that may occur that I feel as if Silver should be notified of. At times, I feel like I can be annoying when it comes to this as I ask questions quite frequently, so I do apologize if that's the case, haha.

    Other influences?
    I would like to address many things in this section, all of them relating to importance of this application, of course.
    I have had some conflicts with the staff, not many, but they still occurred. I can say that I take some pride in going to the moderators who I have had an issue with and working it out with them, successfully. I think, at least I hope, for those I have had an issue with have had us both gain insight to each other and perhaps newfound respect for each other. To be informal, that's really cool in my opinion.
    I believe I might have mentioned this before, but I often help remind people of the rules. I think doing so in a friendly way helps the environment of the server become more relaxed than tense. I often feel like people, when they are told by the mods to mind the rules, feel like they're in trouble or being scolded by their parents. However, I take the approach of informally discussing it with members so that they may understand the rules better, why they exist, and why it's necessary to follow them.
    I think either Emmy or Silver can attest to this, but I'm often mentioning some things that I see that may need to be fixed or considered. Although I haven't posted anything in the suggestions, that has mostly due to the fact that I wasn't aware it existed a month ago. I feel like there are some things that could be improved on the server that helps increase its quality. An example would be perhaps what I mentioned to Urban in discussion of the rules and some of the points' wordings, or even the lanterns around spawn and player shops (yes I realize they're now removed, but I had originally mentioned them with them being fixed in mind instead of being completely removed).
    I've been at least a helper on other servers many years ago. Although this may be somewhat relevant, its good to note I have some helping-out experience.
    People have mentioned that leadership skills are extremely good to have when considering staff, so I suppose I will mention all of my recent ones... There's a lot... I apologize... So last year in university I was elected to be in Student Government where I held a multitude of leadership positions (in my uni, it's dynamic where if you're elected you're considered responsible for students' voices and making sure they're involved, and etc.). I, although an no longer in my previous positions in the Senate branch, I'm now on the judiciary branch of it. I'm on my school newspaper as a writer and am considering advancing to an editor position. I work with several companies in D.C. to advocate for their policies both to U.S. federal congressional offices, local offices, and my university's offices. I created my own Registered Student Organization and am currently president of such so that I can help students better access resources that the different departments on campus may offer (the reason for creation is due to the lack of connectivity between students and departments and their resources they offer). I have been and am currently a mentor in two different international students mentorship programs. Finally, I am an adjudication board member for my university, meaning that I help decide the conduct and punishment processes on other students. Please note, this also doesn't include any of my working in my departments in which I have majors of (I have two, but the other not mentioned is irrelevant, ha).
    Often I am on when some mods cannot be. My class schedule allows me a lot of time to be on at awkward times of day that generally moderators are not on, from what I can see. This seems to beneficial because when mods are not on, I can be to help out, at the least.
    I know multiple languages. Although this is fickle due to the fact that the server is intended to be all-English only, I often see non-native English speakers come on and be confused about how it works. Often I will speak the language they're used to with them, if I know it, and help them come to terms with the server and even them speaking English.

    Why should I be chosen?
    I have to admit, I am not perfect. I'm not an Allstar. I am probably not the poster child of what a moderator should be, but that's okay. Nobody is perfect. I'm going to be honest and straightforward--I probably won't be chosen. It's understandable. Who am I to judge? The most important thing for the moderation team is to consider this application seriously and how it will benefit the server in the most positive way. However, if I am not chosen, I feel like the server could suffer from a potential loss in its moderation team. I exhibit some good qualities, skills, and aspects that would truly enhance the moderation team. I also feel like I could bring a lot to the table that may or may not have been seen before that would definitely help. An example of such quirk could be that the advertisement graphics could be updated. I'm pretty good at photo manipulation and editing, so I can definitely do banners for advertisement purposes (if I don't get mod, Urban you should still hit me up on this, I'd be happy to do it regardless). Plus, I have the passion to become a moderator which I think is really important because it exhibits interest. You wouldn't want to have a staff member who is disinterested, in my honest opinion.

    If anyone has any questions, please let me know! I'm always available to talk on discord (and when I'm not, I'm either asleep or in class).
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    Thank you for your application! It is currently under review! Good luck!!
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    Good luck Lethal!
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    Good luck!
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    Thank you all! I appreciate it :)
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    Best of luck to you.
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    Best application i've seen in a while, good luck lethal !!!!
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    Thank you for your interest in the moderator position. Unfortunately, your application has been denied.
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    It's actually a good thing it was denied because I just got accepted into a tough-to-gain-entrance-to fellowship program that would make me have no time to be mod anyways. So, thank you for letting me know!
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