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    This thread will be for all minor changes that affect the server. This thread will be constantly posted in and maintained by the Administrator team.
    Any major changes will be posted in another thread and/or in the announcements channel on the server discord.
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    Towny Update:
    Towny has been updated to a custom-maintained modified version of the official plugin. With this update there have been some minor, but noticeable changes with the plugin.
    • Town Status Message (/t): Status messages have been converted to JSON to make the message less crowded. You may notice some aspects such as daily upkeep, and taxes not visible anymore. To view both, simply hover (with your mouse) over the Bank part of the message.
    • Animals in town are now protected from arrows that come from the wild.
    • Town Outlaw has now been incorperated into towny. Instead of using /t jail to jail someone, use /t toggle jail.
    • "Plot Builders": This topic is covered on this wiki page. However, for the sake of summarizing, you will now be able to add builders to plots, rather than having to res friend them and claim the plot for yourself.
    • Nation Board Message: This had already existed, but the nation board is now visible in your Nation Status Message (by doing /n).
    Kingdom Wars:
    • When you declare a war on a nation, there will be a 5 minutes interim before the war actually starts. However, both nation discord channels will be pinged once war is declared (not started).
    • Switched over to custom-maintained updated version. Should fix (hopefully) issues with signs not working correctly. Should also fix issue where a sign on one chest was affecting another individual chest placed next to it.
    The plugin is pretty self-explanatory, but will be detailed for usage below.
    • You are now able to do /showcase or /sc to display an the item in your main hand in chat.
    • There is a 2 minutes interval for showcasing items.
    • Think of it as like the message for starting an auction, but without an auction.
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