November Build Contest

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    Players of UrbanMC,

    A new world reset has begun, which is the perfect time to get building! Similar to last month, the staff team will be hosting a month-long build competition on the towny server. Grab your resources, get your tools, and get building, because there's no creative to save you now! In honor of the new reset and the world becoming 1.13 compatible, we've decided to embrace the new water update. This month's theme is boats. Use the new, aesthetic water to your advantage with this one!

    There's no cost to join, so build the best boat you can! Although it doesn't necessarily have to float, it's definitely recommended.
    Entries are limited to one per person, group entries are allowed however the reward will go to the person who posts and presents their build on this thread. Please post a picture of your build along with coordinates of the build so the staff can find it on November 30.

    The reward for this months's build competition (minimum of three entries) is as follows:
    500k in game currency
    10 town blocks (sent to town that the presenter is in)

    rewards may be subject to change

    Best of luck this November on the builds! May the best builder win.
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    Rest in peace. No entries, no prizes.
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    aww I should've looked for a shipwreck and got that ez prize

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