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    This thread outlines the documentation, timing and procedure for resets on this server.

    What is a reset?
    Resets are when the world, along with all player data, is deleted. Notable exceptions are all time playtime hours and donor ranks. Money or other donation perks are not returned.

    Why does this server reset?
    This server resets to give everyone a fresh start and a chance to try something different from the beginning. This also restricts the ability for donors to buy money and keep it forever.

    How often do resets occur?
    Generally resets occur around every 6 months. Usually a player will suggest it and we will start a poll on the forums to gauge interest. The poll lasts anywhere from a few days to a week. This is all the notice players will receive.

    I donated. Do I keep my donor perks?
    All ranks are persisted through the reset. Coloured names disappear, but are returned upon request. In-game money is returned in full if you donated within 30 days and half is returned if you donated within 60. If your donation was longer ago than that, you do not receive any money.

    When is the next reset?
    Please do not ask this question in chat. There is no answer, since resets are only scheduled a few days in advance. The best information we can give you is that resets occur around every 6 months and you can see when the last reset occurred by doing /res UrbanMC and checking the "Registered: {date}" line. This is not exact, but can provide a rough estimation, give or take a few weeks.

    Can I download the world?
    Yes. go to the past worlds page and download the world you want. The files are organized by date of being reset, so the file from June 11, 2017 is the world that we used up to that date.
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