Player Committee Meeting Agenda - March 10, 2018

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    The next player committee meeting will be on Saturday, March 10th at 8:30 PM Eastern. If there are topics you would like to discuss, please post them below. The meeting will proceed in order of the posts on this thread and conclude with an open discussion for unscheduled remaining ideas.

    • To post your idea, include your in-game username and the subject of your idea. Do not go into too much detail, reserve that for the meeting (Unless you cannot make the meeting).
    • If someone posted something you intended to discuss, simply like their post, rather than posting it twice.
    • Save all discussion for the meeting, do not discuss ideas in the thread.
    • Please wait 60 days from the previous discussion point before again posting an idea that has already been discussed. Check previous Agendas and Meeting Minutes to see what has already been suggested.
    • Do not suggest Shop suggestions on this thread, please post them here instead: (
    • Please try to limit your posts to no more than 5-10 suggestions so that we can assure that the meetings will not be too long.
    • If you post an idea but will not be in attendance at the meeting, please explain your idea in your post. If you do not attend the meeting and do not explain your idea, the topic will be skipped. Your topic will not be subject to the above 60-day turnaround.
    The staff team would like to continue these meetings, but recently they have been experiencing a very poor attendance record. If this meeting does not see an increase in attendance and engagement, future meetings may be put on hold for an undetermined period of time. If you have an idea as to how to improve these meetings, please message a staff member with your idea so that we may consider implementing it for this meeting.
  2. Yellowfang_

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    (Unable to make meeting)
    Idea: MCMMO Level shoutouts in chat.
    Example; "Check out /mctop fishing - Yqllowfang just hit 300!"
    Shoutouts only when players hit certain points (of any mcmmo skill) like 100, 300, 500, etc.
  3. Lumits

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    Idea: Voting Crates
    Example: 1 vote key per vote on each site
  4. TotalFang_

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    Give rank redstone and higher /enderchest
    Pretty self explanatory i hope. Ill try to make it, course i don't use voice chat
  5. Apples___

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    (cant make the meeting since it's 2am in Britain)
    Reinstating the old donation of money.
    Now you said in the Economic Rebalance thread that you were open to this, and I'm here to say that people who donate for a reward, should get the same reward.

    I think you should either re instate the old money donation, or lower the price to buy the money.
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  6. Hqvox

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    • Rules Against Griefing World Wonders
    • Follow-up on Headshop Plugin
    • 1.8 Pvp
    • Naming Items with Color/Font Codes
    • Monthly Contests (New Buildcomp idea)
    • Armored Elytra
    • Mcmmo Credit Back in Vshop
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  7. Bug451

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    -Debuff of mcmmo unarmed
    will explain in the discord
    -Shrinking of end world boarder to 10k instead of 50k
    will explain in discord
    -revenge option for towny war
    will explain in discord
    - a timer on the ability to go peaceful after going non-peaceful to war another nation
    will explain in discord
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  8. SquishyWolf

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    /unsell hand
    for if you are an idiot like me
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