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    Most of you know that the player shops are available and located in the new spawn. They officially cost $100,000 and have a daily tax of $500. Their primary purpose is as shops. They are also limited to one plot per player.

    Some of you may have noticed that they have sold out. I will not be adding more in the short term. I would like to see the existing plots develop before releasing any more. If you are not planning on making a real shop in the short term I encourage you to sell your plot. You may sell it at whatever amount you value your plot, even if it's above the original $100,000 price.

    I will be actively monitoring shops and I may put your plot for sale if you are not using it. Plots that remain empty, out of stock, or that are not shops for a few days will be put for sale.

    I understand that it takes time to design, build and stock a shop. I encourage players to get started as soon as possible so I know that you are in fact working on something. If you're worried, just put a sign up with whatever information is relevant.

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