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    We have a new plugin on the server. This plugin promotes both PlayerShops and voting by allowing you to buy advertising for your shop with vote points. It also replaces the current broadcast system.

    What does it do?
    By typing "/shopad buy <content ...>" you can buy an advertisement. This will be added to a cycle. One ad from the cycle will be run every 5 minutes and your ad will be in the cycle for 24 hours. This costs 5 vote points.

    What can I advertise?
    You can advertise your playershop or your town/nation. Clicking on the ad will attempt to teleport you to the advertiser's playerwarp, if they have a playerwarp and it is public. Staff reserve the right to remove advertisements that do not follow the server rules. Personal attacks are also prohibited. Abuse of this system will be severely punished.

    When can I start?
    The plugin is on the server now. Please report any bugs to the staff so they can be fixed as soon as possible. Report inappropriate advertisements to staff for removal.
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