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  1. Silverwolfg11

    Silverwolfg11 ‌‌ 

    Hello my good server people. Many of you already know me, but for those of you who do not, I am Silverwolfg11, an active moderator, developer, and overall lively player on UrbanMC.

    In the past, I have held a special awards ceremony (that some old players might remember), known as the Silver Awards. However, I feel that this time instead of simply honoring already-achieved things, we can come together and achieve even more and have greater fun doing so.

    Hence, I am hosting the first-ever Silver Tournament, a competition of a collection of fun mini-games. But, to keep to tradition, there will also be an award ceremony for the top-scoring individuals in the mini-games as well as some voted on awards.

    Well, what minigames am I hosting? So far the current collection (and hopefully to be amended to) has
    • Horse Racing at the Spawn Racetrack
    • Boat Racing in Saskatoon
    • Pig Racing at the Spawn Racetrack
    • Fishing Contest
    • Crafting Contest
    • Maze Running
    • 3 PVP Tournaments (1.9 Potion, 1.8 Pvp, Sumo)
    Is this the completed list of games? I hope not! Please comment down below if you want to see another vanilla minigame hosted in this tournament.
    Disclaimer and Cry for Help: My current town is small, and cannot afford to host the variety of minigames I expect and aim to. Thus, I am calling on the UrbanMC community to build various stadiums for an individual minigame where we can host it. Please contact me if you want to host a minigame in your town!

    Now for the elected-awards. These awards are general-category awards. Nominate players/towns for an award by posting their name on this thread.

    • Best Builder - Like on any minecraft server, there are players that are exceptional at building and designing magnificent pieces.
    • Best PVPer - Slain out too many times by this single player? Let's give them some recognition and nominate them. You can base this on best pvp skills or most kills, it all ends up with people dead anyway. (sounds a little morbid, but it shouldn't be)
    • Best Town - I mean it is a towny server, are you really that surprised. Out of the dozens of towns on the server, there's got to be that one which stands out to you as most exceptional. Share it with the community and nominate it!
    • Best Nation - From towns, to nations. Although there's only a few of these out there. There is one that peaks out across the UrbanMC horizon. Which one is it?
    • Best Leader - From mayors, co-mayors, kings, princes, and princess, these players show outstanding leadership in their town, nation, or in general throughout the server. Who is it?
    • Best Grinder - The daily grind never stops and there can only be one on top. Grinding MCMMO is a fun pastime, so who does it the most and the best?
    • Most Profitable Player - This isn't the richest player on the server. It's the player who can earn a lot in little time. When they need half a million dollar, they can earn it back without a sweat.
    • Comeback Player - UrbanMC has been around for a relatively long time. And there's enough familiar faces to recognize a player who was once inactive before (even last world), but now has comeback and is regularly active and successful.
    • Drama Kween - UrbanMC might be small, but it has had its fair amount of community drama. Who starts it often? Who does it the best?
    • Best Priest - God bless. The top marriage beast. They're always there when you need to have marriage affairs. They give out and take the best relationships.
    • Best Couple - Together...forever? Maybe not that long, but this is definitely the couple where you look at them and you're like, "goals".
    • Best Staff Member - We have some awesome staff members on UrbanMC who deserve to be appreciated and recognized. Of course, we're only going to honor one of them, but it's the thought that counts.
    • Best Lone Wolf - There's a lot of players that have shuffled off into a far off distant corner of the world. Time to find em and nominate em. This is the hermit in a one-player town who makes a big boom for a little area.

    Remember to nominate players for the awards by posting their names in the comments. Think there's another thing a player should be recognized for? Contact me and I'll see to add it.

    Date & Time: Week of July 30th. Times TBD
    Location: Across the server
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  2. Maxyne_

    Maxyne_ ‌‌ 

    Awesome idea! I'm excited to see how this turns out!
    Anywho, straight into my nominees:
    • Best Builder - Queen_Chelsie
    • Best PVPer - Bug451
    • Best Town - Laconia! (Little bit of bias :p)
    • Best Nation - Requiem!
    • Best Leader - My one true King, UrbanMC
    • Best Grinder - Mayor_Hqvox
    • Most Profitable Player - Tuffshuff
    • Comeback Player - Kingespi (nice to see you back buddy :D)
    • Drama Kween - Tqtal
    • Best Priest - Silverwolfg11
    • Best Couple - Silverwolfg11 and NightaChan, or more popularly known, Nightawolfg11
    • Best Staff Member - OcelotPrincess
    Keep up the good work, nominees!
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  3. Tqtal

    Tqtal ‌‌  ‌‌ 

    Best Builder: PrinceRqd, amazing work with stairs and slabs. And confusing anyone trying to replicate his builds
    Best Pvper: Bliszard, the famous killer and head collector. Self-Explanatory
    Best town: Sierra, the town of wonders that has made more than 70 players happy to join. Hard to do in case you're wondering
    Best Nation: Astrea, the nation that has replaced Requiem
    Best Leader: Mayor_Hqvox, leading the biggest nations two times in a row.
    Best Grinder: xKitty04, grinded all day and half the night, gaining 1000 swords in a mere two days. Guess the grind never stops...
    Most profitable player: PerpetualSignal, even if his ways led to his ultimate demise
    Comeback Player: Tuffshuff, Quit last world, but came back and quickly became rich and successful this world.
    Drama Kween: Tqtal, the overlord of drama since the dawning of time
    Best Priest: PrinceRqd, always jumping to marry blooming couples
    Best couple: Princelot, Prince and Ocelot, family friendly couple for now and forever.
    Best staff member: Ocelotprincess, the most active and friendliest of them all, even if by a smidgen.
    Best lone wolf: Sajerooni, makes a beautiful old style house and a large plantation. Now thats fancy and private. Check and check.
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  4. Silverwolfg11

    Silverwolfg11 ‌‌ 

    Award Added: Best Lone Wolf.
    You can edit your posts to accommodate!
    Player participation makes this work, so please let me know if you want to see any other awards or minigames!
    As well as hosting a game.
  5. BiggDaddyDee

    BiggDaddyDee Member

    There should be a PvP tourney as well if you are interested there is a decent pvp arena In my town
  6. profbananaslug

    profbananaslug Forum Regular

    gee whiz pvp must be in a bad state on this server if people are nominating bliszard or even bug

    also what the heck, did someone replace maxymeeto or am i having brain problems
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  7. Tuffshuff

    Tuffshuff ‌‌  ‌‌ 

    • Best Builder - Queen_Chelsie - Just go look at some of her builds... Outstanding....
    • Best PVPer - Bliszard - Self explanatory
    • Best Town - Sierra - Biggest town on the server and has to deal with major taxes.
    • Best Nation - Requiem - Biggest Nation on the server with Mayor_Hqvox as the leader.
    • Best Leader - Mayor_Hqvox - The leader of the biggest Nation.
    • Best Grinder - Mayor_Hqvox - He is on the top 10 on most of /mctop (skill) and towards the top overall.
    • Most Profitable Player - Tuffshuff - Started a month late on the server and is on /baltop.
    • Comeback Player - Tuffshuff - Was gone for awhile and became successful very quick.
    • Drama Kween -Tqtal - He is in most of the arguments on the server.
    • Best Priest - Silverwolfg11 - Always ready to marry the noobs.
    • Best Couple - OcelotPrincess and PrinceRqd - Don't think it will ever end.
    • Best Staff Member - OcelotPrincess - Most active staff member and know how to do her job (Keep up the good work).
    • Best Lone Wolf - Sajerooni - Sajerooni was alone for most of this update and has been peaceful and friends with most people on the server.

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  8. Hqvox

    Hqvox ‌‌ 

    I will be hosting a shooting competition at Apex in Sierra! Speed and Accuracy will be key!
    EDIT: Scratch that folks. Due to an unfortunate turn of events leading to the effective demise and division of Requiem, I won't be contributing anything to this.
    • Best Builder - Queen_Chelsie
    • Best PVPer - Mqnch
    • Best Town - Sierra
    • Best Nation - Not Requiem. Requiem is dead.
    • Best Leader - Hqvox
    • Best Grinder - TuffShuff
    • Most Profitable Player - PerpetualSignal: like many CEOs, he gained vast amounts of wealth with "less-than-legal" methods, becoming #1 on baltop, and flooding the economy with dirty money
    • Comeback Player - TuffShuff
    • Drama Kween - Tqtal
    • Best Priest - OcelotPrincess
    • Best Couple - Hqvox & HatesLava
    • Best Staff Member - OcelotPrincess
    • Best Lone Wolf - Queen_Chelsie
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  9. Silverwolfg11

    Silverwolfg11 ‌‌ 

    This is just a thread ping to hopefully attract more contributors. However, it has been a while since the thread creation and towns/nations have been made and deleted. The hope is to nominate current players, towns and nations.

    More importantly, I am in need for more locations to host more events. So please if you have a space in your town that you wouldn't mind contributing, let me know!
  10. OcelotPrincess

    OcelotPrincess ‌‌  ‌‌ 

    Best Builder-Uqknown
    Best PVPer-Mqnch
    Best Town-Sierra
    Best Nation-Astrea
    Best Leader-Hqvox
    Best Grinder-xCuddlay
    Most Profitable Player-Hqvox
    Comeback Player-Tuffshuff
    Drama Kween-Tqtal
    Best Priest-PrinceRqd
    Best Couple- PrinceRqd and OcelotPrincess ;)
    Best Staff Member-QueenieTigeress
    Best Lone Wolf-Kyoung07
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  11. Cratonix

    Cratonix ‌‌ 

    Best Builder- Mqnch
    Best PVPer- Silverwolfg11
    Best Town- Sierra
    Best Nation- Astrea

    Best Leader- OcelotPrincess
    Best Grinder- BiggDaddyDee
    Most Profitable Player- Hqvox
    Comeback Player- Tuffshuff
    Drama Kween- TOTALANARCHY_ aka Tqtal
    Best Priest- PrinceRqd
    Best Couple- OcelotPrincess and PrinceRqd
    Best Staff Member- OcelotPrincess
    Best Lone Wolf- Kyoung07

    Date & Time: 7/5/18 8:34 PM
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  12. Tqtal

    Tqtal ‌‌  ‌‌ 

  13. PrinceRqd

    PrinceRqd ‌‌  ‌‌ 

    Best Builder - Queen_Chelsie

    Best Town - Sierra
    Best Nation - Astrea
    Best Leader - OcelotPrincess

    Best Couple - PrinceRqd & OcelotPrincess

    Best Staff Member - OcelotPrincess
    Best Lone Wolf - NPC1
  14. Silverwolfg11

    Silverwolfg11 ‌‌ 

    This is the last week to nominate players for an awards!

    Another game has been added: PVP Tournament

    The Silver Tournament will be hosted during the week of the 29th with times TBD.

    I am still looking for locations to host games and events! Please message me.
  15. Cruyne

    Cruyne ‌‌ 

    Best builder: @Queen_Chelsie
    Best PVPer: Mqnch
    Best town: Sierra
    Best nation: Astrea
    Best leader: @OcelotPrincess
    Best grinder: BigDaddyFang_
    Most Profitable Player- Hqvox
    Comeback Player- @Tuffshuff (I mean he owns one of the biggest towns on the server and two resets ago hadn't logged on in months.
    Drama Kween- @TotalFang_ . It's clearly @TotalFang_
    Best Priest- @PrinceRqd
    Best Couple- @OcelotPrincess and @PrinceRqd
    Best Staff Member- @Silverwolfg11
    Best Lone Wolf- @Kyoung07
    Date & Time: 29/07/18, 7:36am East Coast time, 12:36pm BST
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  16. Silverwolfg11

    Silverwolfg11 ‌‌ 

    The Nominations are In.
    Click below to vote on them.

    The results will be presented on Friday (August 3rd) at 7 PM EST!

    On Thursday and Friday, the minigame events will be held throughout the days so make sure to be online to participate!
  17. Silverwolfg11

    Silverwolfg11 ‌‌ 

    Thank you for everyone who nominated, voted, and attended the award!

    Here are the winners if you missed it:
    Format: Award - Winner
    • Best Builder - Queen_Chelsie
    • Best PVPer - Bliszard
    • Best Town - Sierra
    • Best Nation - Astrea
    • Best Leader - UrbanMC and OcelotPrincess
    • Best Grinder - xKitty04
    • Most Profitable Player - Tuffshuff
    • Comeback Player - Tuffshuff
    • Drama Kween -Tqtal
    • Best Priest - PrinceRqd
    • Best Couple - OcelotPrincess and PrinceRqd
    • Best Staff Member - OcelotPrincess and Silverwolfg11
    • Best Lone Wolf - NPC1
    This thread is now locked
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