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  1. UrbanMC

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    Some changes are coming to the economy of UrbanMC.

    Firstly, we're updating the server market. Most blocks' prices are going to double to encourage player markets to expand into the building industry. Grindable resources' sell prices are decreasing to varying degrees. As well, some new items are being added:
    • Bank Teller will sell you Notch Apples for 100 000 Gold.
    • Bank Teller will sell you Totems of Undying for 60 000 Gold.
    • Bank Teller will sell you Elytra for 80 000 Gold.
    • Swim shop will sell you Tridents for 40 000 Gold.
    None of these items may be sold back to their respective shopkeepers. These prices may be adjusted over time. When an item is purchased at the bank teller, the cost will be withdrawn directly from your bank account. Shop changes will roll out early next week.

    We are increasing town upkeep cost. Today it's 5 gold per plot. After tax collection on Monday, we'll be increasing it to 7. A week later, it will increase to 10. While this is a steep increase, the majority of towns should have no issue paying upkeep for the week if they vote a couple times. It's being staggered to allow for towns to decide how to afford the increase and perhaps build up a reserve. On the nation level, the peaceful cost is going up to 1500 on Monday and 2000 a week later. Outpost prices are being increased from 5 000 Gold to 15 000 Gold.

    Upset about taxes? Go to war! War loot is being drastically increased, from 5 000 Gold to 30 000, and from 10 townblocks to 30.

    As of this moment, none of these changes have been implemented, but given their nature we deemed that it would be beneficial to provide some notice.

    As always, please let any staff member know if you have any questions or concerns.
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  2. mpzflame

    mpzflame ‌‌ 

    In my opinion, the price for tridents and elytra should be the other way around. I do like the prices for totems and gapples.
    I like the new upkeep cost, but it's unfortunate it came this late into the map; would have been nice to see this sooner.

    Also, does the punishment for losing war increase to 30 townblocks?
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  3. Tqtal

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    K staff I declare war on the server. Let Anarchy reign supreme.
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  4. UrbanMC

    UrbanMC ‌‌  ‌‌ 

    We are not planning on changing the cost of losing a war, and if we do it will be minimal. The goal here is to promote wars; a high cost in the event of defeat would scare more nations away.
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  5. LeoNami

    LeoNami Active Member

    I'm second this.
  6. OpalComet

    OpalComet ‌‌ 

    Good idea, but those prices do kinda suck. And also, what about the prices of overclaimed plots?
  7. LeoNami

    LeoNami Active Member

    Talking about investments in building, I think we should be able to buy Bucket of Tropical Fish, purpur/chorus-related items and blocks, blue ice, nautilus shell, ghast tear and maybe lapis. All of those items help a lot in decorating and crafting into decorating materials and it'll be very nice to see them.
  8. UrbanMC

    UrbanMC ‌‌  ‌‌ 

    I'd also like to add that coming into effect a week from today is any town with plots over their claim limit will be charged an additional 5 Gold per plot over the limit.

    As of this post, the following changes have taken effect:
    • Neutrality is 1500 Gold.
    • Plot upkeep is 7 Gold.
    • Outposts are 10 000 Gold.
    • Build, colour and chop prices have been increased by approximately 2x depending on the item, and changed to multiples of 4 for easy stacking.
    • Tridents have been added to Swim for 40 000 Gold.
    • War Loot has increased.
    A final round of towny price updates will come next week, along with more tweaks to the shop.
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  9. Silverwolfg11

    Silverwolfg11 ‌‌ 

    The Bank Teller now sells Notch Apples, Elytras, and Totems of Undying.

    War loot and reward has been increased!
  10. ThePigGang

    ThePigGang Member

    Double the sell price for all items since everything else is getting doubled.

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