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    On December 22, I was at my /home reading ProfessorUtonium's Map History Series when I heard barrels opening a level above me. I quickly went to investigate, and could tell the player was in spectator mode. Silver being the only staff on at the time, I made the assumption it was him. In the singular barrel were playerheads of players that had played on UrbanMC, either this world or the previous. I used a command known as /phead (playername) to acquire the heads, each head costing 100 gold. The command itself is an extension of the plugin Headshop which most players are familiar with. I used the command thinking that other players also knew they had access. I showcased the heads, flaunting my newfound treasure, as well as made a trade with ProfessorUtonium to teleport me back to where I had died, but never sold the heads for gold. I found the command by trying to see how many hours I have played /pt but I misspelled and did /ph and saw the possible outcomes and one of them being /phead. I explored the command and realized it was part of headshop and it cost 4 gold blocks per head. It never crossed my mind that it was not intended for non op players and I simply thought it was Headshop, which I know is allowed. When silver took the heads and explained to me the command was not intended for non op players, and that player access was a mistake, I willingly gave him all heads and simply asked for a refund. Then, I proceeded to ask if there is going to be a punishment for me.


    After returning the heads and any information on where they could be, Silver had given me my refund and I carried on my life on urban as usual. Two weeks later, however, I would be surprised, as well as many others, to be banned for the reason "Exploiting". It would be an understatement to say I have regrets for not clarifying on the command before using it.

    While I used the command, and for a moment, for my own benefit, I did not initially know that my actions could have such a negative impact on the server. At first, it did not seem like what I did was such a big deal, but after reflecting on the situation and reading up on past situations like this, I understand what I did is grounds to be considered exploitation. Not only did I use the command in secrecy thinking that other players knew they had access, I failed to report it to a staff member which is unacceptable. I try to play on urban everyday I can because of all the great people I am friends with and the community as a whole. I now know fully why I was banned, and I am also sorry to all the players I inconvenienced. I hope that both the staff team and player base can forgive me for the damage I may have caused. Thank you for your time.

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    It looks like that the /phead command was once available for donors, but then for some reason got removed. The weird thing to me is that the removal seems to have never been announced, which leads to people uninformed of it.
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    Your appeal is well written. You made it clear that you did not realize this was an exploit as all players had permission to use this command. You also apologized for any problems this caused to the server. As long as you are telling the truth about returning or destroying all the heads, you do not deserve this ban as stated by silverwolf himself. No one should be banned because of a mistake in permissions by staff.
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    On top of being an active member of UrbanMC that cares about the player base, you've explained your situation well and have shown the community that you had no intentions to harm anyone when using a command you thought everyone had access to. Good luck! :)
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    I agree. Using a command available to all players isn't really gaining an unfair advantage, especially since acquiring player heads is purely cosmetic. It doesn't make sense that a punishment would happen two weeks later, too...unless there's something else that we we aren't aware of, so it would also be nice to have a more detailed reasoning behind his ban than "exploiting"
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  6. UrbanMC

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    Your appeal has been accepted.
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  7. Tqtal

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    This... is the... the... the absolute dumbest thing I have ever seen.
    But hey welcome back to crazyland fam!
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  8. TeamkillerYT_CG

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    Mine too :) got banned for the same thing just waiting on a response for my appeal now.
  9. Sonic_CG

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    Congrats on unban!

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