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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Tqtal, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Tqtal

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    Recently around the server, it has seemingly been getting a little staff quiet. This is probably due to the staff not having time in their schedule to play and moderate as much as they would like to, especially with the resignation of two of the mods. However, I would like to apply today in the hopes of becoming a moderator for the server. I respect whatever decision the staff team chooses to make, and am happy for the consideration of my application.
    I am 15 years of age as of writing this appeal.
    Why should I be a mod?
    I believe I would make an excellent mod, as I have dealt with a lot of circumstances in my 1600 hours of playtime on the server, and have almost memorized the rules of the server. I am also very willing to work with others on the server, or if that is not possible, take control of the situation myself.
    Why do I want to become mod?
    I want to become a moderator to help the community. Especially with the growing number of players online, and the dwindling number of moderators, players are breaking rules more than usual. As a mod, I would be able to help limit the amount of this that goes on, as I have a lot of time to spend on the server and help out.
    What qualities do I have that are important for mods?
    I have shown good leadership, having been able to lead the biggest nation and town nearing the end of the previous world, as well as the ability to relate to the players on the server, having been one myself for several years. I am also unbiased, which I believe is very important for mods, so they don't let their friends get away with something while placing blame on someone they aren't particularly fond of.
    Other experiences
    I can proudly say I have served as moderator on 3 servers in my Minecraft career on other Minecraft servers, but have since moved on from them, and have been a priest on the towny server since July second, and have never abused my rank.
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  2. Cratonix

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    good luck total!!!
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  3. Tqtal

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    Thanks crat!
    Thanks for noticing, though I will forever miss ocey and queenie :(
    Prof, I believe that a silly competition for the fun of the server should not be considered as a reason to deny my app, but thank you for your input. :D
    Thank you for your support, and your hopes of sparing my feelings :p
    Thanks Candy! <3
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  4. profbananaslug

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    yeah making the guy proud of being "drama kween" staff seems like a real safe move.

    nice touch with the server rules in the signature lmao
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  5. Hqvox_CG

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    This is perhaps one of the only legitimate uses of the "There's not enough moderators" reason to want to be a mod. Lol.
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  6. Bqt_

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    Good luck! Hope the denial wont be cruel!
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  7. ShadowEmber

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    Good luck!!
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  8. Yellowfang_

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  9. UrbanMC

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    Your application has been denied.
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  10. Tqtal

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    Thank you for your consideration.
  11. Apples___

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    You finally applied, and then get denied.


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