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    I’m dreaming of a white Christmas~

    Ho! Ho! Ho! and welcome to the start of the month-long town decorating contest! All players of UrbanMC are invited to participate in this contest, decorating their towns in the theme of a Winter Wonderland. Maybe it’s time to see a snowy desert, maybe some reindeer, or even a giant Santa who is stuck in a chimney top who knows! You all have an entire month (until January 11th 2020) to decorate your towns, bringing out the inner Jack Frost within you all! Now what are the rewards you ask? Well the rewards are as followed listed below:​

    Winner (3 minimum entries)
    - 1,000 Gold Blocks
    - 10 Town blocks

    Winner (6 minimum entries)
    - 2,000 Gold Blocks
    - 20 Town Blocks

    Runner-Up (6 minimum entries)
    - 1,000 Gold Blocks

    Winner (9 minimum entries)
    - 3,000 Gold Blocks
    - 30 Town Blocks

    Runner-Up (9 minimum entries)
    - 1,000 Gold Blocks

    Third Place (9 minimum entries)
    - 500 Gold Blocks​

    To submit your town’s entry, simply post an image of the town’s décor + the coordinates of the town so the staff team are able to find it.

    A few reminders for this decoration competition:
    • Entries are limited to one per town
    • Gold from winning the contest will be placed inside the town’s bank
    • Every detail of the town will be judged, including the interior, exterior and even the landscaping of the location!
    • Get your creative juices running because we want to see your inner Jack Frost shine this competition. Copying off tutorials and such will harm your town’s score!

    Entries for the town décor competition are to be submitted by January 10th!
    Good luck to all participants and may the cold never bother you anyway

    Poster's Note: This was written by Emmy, so please redirect all winter/frozen related puns to her. :p
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  2. mpzflame

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    Y'all chose this cuz you already won ;)

    jk, I look forward to competing

    Edit: It appears Guantanamo isn't submitting...
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  3. Paddywiggle

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    [​IMG]Town: Calabria
    Builders: Luigg03 and bw3tiger
    Coordinates: X: 1965 Z: -4657
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  4. mpzflame

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    Gale (-10952, -5289)
    Built by mpzflame

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