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  1. UrbanMC

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    Hello everyone. Last night I had a very long, enlightening conversation with a well-informed player. As a result of this conversation, I am implementing a series of changes to the server.
    1. It is now against the rules to pvp-tag through blocks and doors. I ask that any teleports gained by these methods be removed. This is to ensure that new players can have faith that their house is safe.
    2. Frost walker within town borders is considered a towny claim exploit and is punishable by jail. This is to protect town farms and water fixtures.
    3. There is now a maximum of 16 chunks that may be affected by grief at any given time within a 4 chunk radius of a town. In addition, the perimeter, excluding corners (1 block radius around town) must be no more than 50% affected. For example, a town of 1 chunk has a 4 chunk perimeter, of which maximum 2 may be affected. “Affected” in this context means physically altered or blocked from non-ranked players’ passage.
    4. On the issue of the economy, I am lowering the price of meat by half. Hopefully, this will make it easier for people to get started.
    5. The headshop plugin has also been added. This brings an extensive library of decorative heads to the game. All blocks/items/foods will be available to everyone, with character heads available to donors starting at Gold Rank.
    6. Finally, I am aware that many people believe the jobs plugin rewards are too low. Over the next several weeks, I will be conducting a thorough, mathematically based investigation into the jobs plugin in its current form. If you would like to suggest specific use cases to be investigated, please describe them below with as many quantitative details as possible (job level, size of farm, time spent mining, tool used, etc).
    As always, I hope that these changes will benefit the server on the whole even if they take some getting used to. I look forward to follow-up discussions on these things in chat and at the next player committee meeting. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or another staff member.
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  2. FestiveYourBoi

    FestiveYourBoi Member

    No frostwalker melts silly
  3. CabanNieves

    CabanNieves ‌‌  ‌‌ 

    then thats means no more door glitching while pvping? pls tell me yes
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  4. NightaChan

    NightaChan Active Member

    This seems like something Hqvox would suggest.
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  5. Tqtal

    Tqtal ‌‌ 

    Nope. He's a *bit* dissapointed about door glitching
  6. EmperorSonic

    EmperorSonic Forum Regular

    RIP almost everyone's war tactics!

    Can't wait for the first war w/ these new rules
    (Enemy nation is hiding in a locked room the entire time)

    I'm actually a bit disappointed about some of these too
  7. ApplesWho

    ApplesWho Forum Regular

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  8. NightaChan

    NightaChan Active Member

    Time to use high archery mcmmo, doors and bows.
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  9. EmperorSonic

    EmperorSonic Forum Regular

    (inb4 mcmmo is nerfed)
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  10. profbananaslug

    profbananaslug Active Member

    ok boys who the hell sold us all out
    let's give him a right proper whacking
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