Why HeyItsPearl_ Should be banned.

Discussion in 'Ban/Jail/Mute Appeals' started by KingJamie19, Jan 20, 2020.

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    Hello I'm Jacob9476 writing this using what is Kingjamie19's account but I will explain why I'm using his or my account. So when I was banned for using an x-ray texture pack I could not make an account so I got him to make an account with my email in game on his minecraft account. so this account is really mine (Jacob9476) but has automaticly been put as his username. Anyways back to the point. I had made a town after I got unbbaned and stupidly enough I was back to using an X-ray texture pack I should not have done this and I'm a very bad person for doing it again and should not be let back on the server for doing it again after the admins very kindly took there time to unban me so while I was in this town stupidly mining using my X-RAY texture pack I had let my friend Josh (HeyItsPearl) who I know in real life I let him into my town I made for mining and he said he was to make a house. I told him not to mine there then I got off for the night. After school the next day, we all met up to walk home from school he had told me the news that he had got me banned. I will explain EXACTLY what (HeyItsPearl_) or Josh said to "Hey Jacob you got banned and the message was funny this time, Superman's got nothing on you." I than asked Josh how I got banned and he explained to me that he was "trading" with an admin an the admin had Teleported My island for trading. As the admin was there Josh told me that the admin had gone done to see my mine and then saw the X-RAY like paths. He then said that the admin asked who was mining here and Josh said it was me. I got mad as he said that he was not xraying but he was also X-RAY mining at the island and did not want to get himself banned. He said it was me to the admin and then I got banned. This is why I think HeyItsPearl_ should be banned. Before I got originally banned we were X-RAY hacking together but I did not record this so I do not have proof of this. BUT I talk to him in a discord chat with my freinds and I will record him admitting it when he is next online I will like the URL to the youtube video of him admiting it when I can.
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    On god, wtf did I just read. What is happening here?
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    You gonna throw josh under the bus like that?
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    Exactly what I was thinking


    Anyways, good luck getting the recording. Keep us updated![/hr]
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    Unless you get evidence of your friend hacking with HIS account then it all happened under your account and thus you were the only one punished. Best of luck getting the evidence of him doing it. #NotMyJosh
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    Thank you for reporting, this is currently under further investigation.
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    how's that investigation going urban
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    Unfortunately the evidence thus far is inconclusive, but do report any further activities.
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