Kingdom Wars

Sometimes words can't do you justice; that's when you go to war.

Kingdom Wars is a custom plugin developed by Silverwolfg11 and Elian.

It focuses on Nation vs Nation wars.

To engage in a war, both nations must be non-peaceful. The player who declares a war must be the leader of the nation or have the prince rank. The command to start a war is /twars start (Enemy Nation)

Once you run the command, you will declare war. This means that you will have told the other nation you are planning to go to war. Both nation channels in the server discord will be pinged (with @everyone). There will be a 5 minute wait period before the war truly starts. Use this time to gear up and call support.

Once you have engaged in a war, PVP will be enabled throughout all the towns in both nations. There are two ways to win the war:
  • The first way is to get 25 kills. These are from killing the enemy nation's residents (it can be the same resident who dies repeatedly).
  • The second way is to kill the enemy nation's leader once.
The nation who wins the war gets $100,000 and the losing nation loses $100,000 (if the losing nation does not have $100,000 then their nation will get deleted).

While there are two ways to win the war, there are two other ways to end it:
  • The attacking nation ends the war. If the attacking nation has changed their mind and wants to end the war, all they have to do is /twars end.
  • If the defending nation feels like they have come to an agreement with the attacking nation, they can propose a truce by doing /twars truce, but both nations will need to accept the truce.

You cannot start a war with a nation ally and nation allies cannot help you get kills (meaning that even if a nation ally kills a nation's resident you are attacking, the kill will not count towards the war).

During the war, you have a scoreboard that allows you to see how many kills your nation has and how many kills the other nation has. To toggle this scoreboard, the command is /twars status.

After you have won a war, you cannot go to war again for another 7 days. There is, however, one exception to this rule. If you lost a war, you can immediately (unverified) start another war with the nation you lost against.

To check whether your nation is in a war or just to see if there are other nations in a war, you can run /twars wars.

That's it. Pretty simple, right? Just the way war should be.

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