UrbanMC is server that hosts and boasts a wide array of numerous plugins that help vitalize the server. As a predominately towny server, there are a number of things available to do that are far from simply building and inviting people to your town. Some of the biggest and most popular plugins are

  • Towny: the plugin on which the server is based around. Create protected towns that you can expand and design to your hearts content. Invite players to help you in your building conquest and provide a comforted town chat for all members of your town. Also make nations that can accumulate any number of towns and grant access to a hearty nation chat.
  • MCMMO: a huge plugin that allows players to level up abilities based on actions. This leveling boosts the abilities and also provide unique additions to the vanilla gameplay. Grinding and competing for the highest mcmmo levels is a common activity among players.
This list is incomplete. Please help contribute to this list by adding your perceived most popular plugins and a short description of them.

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