Auctions was initially developed by SainntX, but was updated and modified by Elian and Silverwolfg11.

The plugin allows for players to "auction" items in chat. Other players can bid on them and win these items.

One of the most important commands is
/AUC start [amount] [price] [increment] [autobuy]
The plugin will auction whatever material is in your hand.

The amount tag takes either a numerical amount or the options of "hand" or "all". Putting in "hand", the plugin will use the amount of that item in your current slot. If you put in "all", the plugin finds the amount of the material in your hand that is in your inventory. E.g. if you had 5 stone in your current slot and 10 stone somewhere else in your inventory, putting in "hand" will auction only 5 stone, but putting in "all" will auction the total 15 stone.
The price tag is for the starting price. What price you want to start the auction at. It takes a numerical value. This price will be raised by the increment when people bid.
The increment tag is the amount that a bid will raise by. It takes a numerical value. E.g. if the increment is $5, every bid will add 5 on to the price. So if the initial price was 10$, the first bid would raise it by 5 making it $15; the second bid would again raise it by $5 making it $20 and so on.
The auto-buy tag is the price at which the item will be automatically sold at. It takes a numerical value. For example, if the initial price was 10, and the auto-buy was 100, when the auction price hit 100, it would automatically be sold to the player who bid 100.

Only the amount and price tags are required to start an auction.

Another very useful command is
/bid (amount) This will bid the amount set on the current auction. The bid price must be higher than the auction price and the increment. However, the amount of tag is optional. Without the tag, you will automatically bid the next price available (which will be the current auction price + the increment). E.g if the current auction price was $20 and the increment was $5, doing /bid without the amount will bid $25. An alias for the /bid command is simply /b.

Do /auc to list more useful sub-commands for the plugin. Contact Silverwolfg11 for any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this wiki page.

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