ShopAds is custom plugin developed by UrbanMC.

The main command is /shopad.
ShopAds run about every 5 minutes, and they will broadcast a message for a day (24 hours). Clicking on a ShopAd broadcast will teleport you to the playerwarp of whoever purchased the ad.

/shopad buy <message> is the command to buy a shopad. The message tag takes whatever message you want the broadcast to display. The most common and preferred messages are one that advertise a playershop. It takes 1 votepoints to buy a shopad. (/vpoints to check the amount of vote points you have).

/shopad edit <content> will allow you to change your shop's message. You can add new items for sale or fix those pesky spelling mistakes.

/shopad list will list the date, time, player name, and message of all running shopads.

/shopad remove will allow you to remove your current ad from the cycle.

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