Adoption is one of the best roleplay plugins on the server.

This plugin allows you and your spouse to adopt a player as your child.

The commands used in this plugin are relatively simple:
/adopt (player) - If you are married, you may right-click on a player and this will send a request to your spouse asking if they would also like to adopt the child. If they agree, another request will be sent to the adoptee, asking if they would like to be adopted. If they accept the request, they will become your child.

/runaway - This command can only be used by a player who can be adopted. By using this command, the player can leave their current family. This is useful if they want to join a new family or cause drama

/disown (player) - Sometimes there is just that one problem child you can't stand anymore. They must be banished from your family! This command will disown that child.

/family - Lastly, this command can be used by everyone. If you do /family you will see your family tree, showing your parents, children, and siblings. If you don't have a family yet, it will simply tell you "You have no family!" Additionally, you can use /family (Playername) to see the family tree of another player on the server.

And that just about covers the adoption plugin. If you have any questions, or you want to be adopted you can ask players or moderators on the server or discord, and I'm sure someone could help you. Have fun growing your family!

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