The RPGHorses plugin is a custom-coded plugin developed specifically for UrbanMC.

It contains the basic features of owning a horse such as claiming it, summoning it, storing it in a stable, etc.

The base command for RPGHorses is /rpghorses or /horses or /rh.


The sub-arguments are as follow:
- Claim: When you run this sub-argument, you will be prompted to right click on a horse to claim it. The horse must not already be claimed by another player and must be tamed. There is also a $10,000 in-game money charge when you claim a horse.

- List: View all your owned horses. This list will display the horse's id and their name. For example, one claimed horse would look like: 1) Horse #1. 1 is the horse id, and "Horse #1" is the name. You need to know the horse id for the specific horse commands.

- Set-stable: Set a stable at your location. This stable location will be where the horses are teleported when you store them using /horses store.

- Summon [Horse ID]: Summon a horse to your location! It costs 5 xp levels to summon a horse, and there is a 1 min 30 second delay per horse summon. Remember, the horse has to be "at the stable" meaning that the horse must have been stored.

- Store [Horse ID]:Teleport a horse to your stable ! It costs 5 xp levels to store a horse, and there is a 1 min 30 second delay per horse stored.

- Deed [Horse ID]: This command will allow you to write a "horse deed". You must have a paper in your hand. The purpose of horse deeds are for selling/giving away a specific horse. You can use horse deeds for /trade, or put them up for auctions. Once a player right clicks a horse deed, they will then assume ownership of that horse (Horse Deeds are only valid for a one time use because they are associated to the horse and the owner of the horse).

- Public-Rider [Horse ID]: By default your horse does not allow others to ride it. This command will toggle public riding for your horse.

- Stats [Horse ID}: View your leveling stats for that specific horse!

- Reclaim: If your claimed horse is not showing up on your horse list, mount it and run this sub-argument. This will reclaim the horse for you.

You can level your horse through various different ways. Leveling starts off easy, and you'll breeze through levels in the beginning, but be warned, it slowly gets harder, and reaching these max levels won't be entirely easy.

How to level: Simply ride your horse across blocks.
Max Level: 500
Max Speed Increase: At level 500, your horse will have had a total of 1.0 added to their speed. That might not sound like a lot, but for reference the average speed of a horse is 0.225.
How to level: Simply keep jumping with your horse
Max Level: 250
Max Jump Increase: 3-4 blocks higher than original jump height. The amount of jump height you gain will depend on how low jump strength the horse has originally. You can gain more a higher jump increase with a lower original jump strength, but then your final jump strength may be lower than a horse that had an original high jump strength.
How to level: Damage your horse while riding it.
Max Level: 500
Max Health Increase: 10 more hearts than the horse's original health. ​

Other Features

Whistling for horses: You can use a horse whistle, found in epic and legendary treasure chests, to call nearby horses. There is a 1 min 30 sec delay per each whistle. The range for the whistle is 20 blocks.

Naming your horse: You can name your horse like you do any other mob. Just apply a name tag to it with the specific name. You cannot name other horses claimed by other players.

Common Issue: Receiving message, "Horse entity not found!"

This issue is caused when the server cannot find your horse. Most of this time, this is caused by the horse being in an unloaded chunk. To solve this issue, simply just find your horse in the world and run the command near your horse. To prevent this issue from occurring, make sure you store your horse in your stable!

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