Plot Builders

Plot Builders is one of the custom features on the server utilized through towny.

Before we get into how to use the feature, we must cover on when to use it.

When to use the feature:
As a relatively small server, we encourage communal bonding and player interaction. One of the best examples of that is building a structure together, whether it be a house or a shop, or whatever.
However the issue arises with how to allow people to build on your plot. Classically, the original towny has allowed this by first claiming the plot for your own, and then adding the player as a resident friend which then allows them to build on any of your plots. Even so, there are many instances in which you want to claim a personal plot for yourself and not have other players able to build on it. Wouldn't it be preferable if you could just choose which players could build on a certain plot? Well, this is when to use plot builders.

How to use the feature:
The feature is relatively simple to use.
Let's say you want to allow a player (any player) to build on a plot. If you are the owner of the plot (or hold a town rank with the ability to edit plot permissions), you can simply run /plot builders add [Player Name].
To view all the players allowed to build on the plot, run /plot builders
To remove access from a player that is allowed to build on a plot, simply do /plot builders remove [Player Name].

For Reference, a list of all respective commands:
/plot builders add [Player Name] : Allow a player to build on a plot.
/plot builders remove [Player Name] : Remove access from a player to your plot.
/plot builders : List all players allowed to build on the plot.

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